About Us

three kids smilingOur Philosophy
Today’s children will learn about many things. In a child care/preschool setting, each child can be helped to more deeply explore the concepts of growth from his experiences. Your child will have his educational base broadened through the introduction of activities not available to him elsewhere. Here, outside of the family circle, your child can experience a measure of independence and begin to develop a positive self-concept. These experiences will be challenging and satisfying to your child. The attitudes developed in these initial years strongly influence the child’s future success or failure in school. At Warm Beginnings and More, children are coddled far more than at conventional child care centers.

Warm Beginnings and More is composed of teachers and child caregivers with a wide background, knowledge, and experience in teaching and child handling, even in the most demanding situations. Our professionals are highly trained in facilitating children as well as in organizing diverse activities that stimulate their interests and hone their individual, unique talents. To make this possible, we maintain a minimum class size so the individual students are monitored properly and given continuous oversight throughout each class, session, or activity.

If something happens which you don’t like, are not sure about, or prefer to be handled differently, please let us know. If you are unhappy with us for any reason or have a question regarding any procedures, please do not leave without saying so. We operate on an “open door” policy where parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit and participate in the center any time. Also, our licensing inspection reports, as well as a copy of the MINIMUM STANDARDS are always available for your review from the director’s office. The local listing for Protective and Regulatory Services, as well as the Child Abuse Hotline is visibly displayed by all telephones in the center. www.dtps.state.tx.us., 713-940-3009 / Abuse 1-800-252-5400