Our Classes

mother playing with her sonEnroll your child into one of our interest classes. Our classes are based on a hands-on approach to learning, allowing children an explosion of opportunities to get the best of everyday. These classes are focused on developing the individual and unique talents of the children using:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Language and Speech
  • Performance Arts
  • Play
  • Stimulating Innovative Creativity through Experimentation

Various instructional support and learning materials such as toys and colorful classrooms highlight the excitement and fun of each class. We exhibit children’s works for parents to see and earn their bragging rights.


Each day your child will be served breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. All foods on our menu are foods prepared with the health needs of the children in mind. In addition, all menus have been approved by the requirements of the Texas Department of Human Resources. The children’s meals are served in our cafeteria. The meals are served family style so the children have the opportunity to practice meal time manners. While we never ask a child to clean his/her plate, we do ask that they try each of the foods served.


Children ages five and older will have opportunities to go on field trips. Children will not be allowed without consent from the parent. Field trip information will be posted in the center 48 hours in advance of the trip. Children ages three and older will have the opportunity to participate in water activities. To participate, the children must have written consent from the parents prior to the activity. Water activities include wading pools, sprinklers, etc. Water activity information will be posted 48 hours in advance with specific times and dates.