teacher having a classWhenever a child at Warm Beginnings and More disrupts others or creates a dangerous situation, our staff is instructed to use a teaching method we call “sit and watch”. This method of helping children learn how to get along with others is very gentle and acceptable to parents and staff while being effective in minimizing disruptions.

In the “sit and watch” method, the disruptive child is explained what actions were disruptive to the group and what the acceptable behavior pattern is. The child is then asked to sit and watch the other children’s activities from the fringe of the group. After a short period of time sitting quietly, the acceptable behavior is re-explained and the child is invited to return to the others. The staff member then remains alerted to the first opportunity to praise the child for getting along with others.

If you have any questions about the “sit and watch” method or any other concerns about discipline at Warm Beginnings and More, please feel free to ask the director.

Discipline and guidance or punishments that are prohibited at Warm Beginnings and More:

  • Corporal punishment or threats of corporal punishment
  • Punishment associated with food, naps, or toilet training


Warm Beginnings and More staff will only release children to authorized persons. If an older sibling needs to pick up your child, then he or she must be authorized person to pick up. Children will only be released to those persons listed on the enrollment card. If a person is not listed on the enrollment card, the student will not be released until the parent is contacted by telephone. The parent must verbally approve the permission for the child to be picked up by that person. Fax or Email from the parent is also accepted.

For your convenience we have an electronic sign-in/sign-out system located in the reception area of the building. All new families will be given access to the system by a member of the administrative team. Each teacher will also keep an attendance sheet on weekly basis. These sheets are for classroom use only.


The health and welfare of your child is of great importance to us. When certain symptoms occur, such as fever, change of personality or nausea, we will notify you that the child be taken home. The sick child will be separated from other children until you arrive. In order to return to school, your child needs to be free of all symptoms for 24 hours.


We will administer your child’s prescription medicine in amounts according to the label direction as of amended by the physician. Please do not ask us to give more than the prescribed dosage. The medication must only be administered to the child for whom it is intended; and the staff must not administer the medication after its expiration date. Non-prescription medicine will be given for only a limited time of three days, and never on a “as needed basis.” We will not give any medicine including Tylenol without your signed authorization, nor do we keep any medicine in stock.


In the event, of a critical illness or injury that requires immediate attention of a physician, the center will contact emergency medical services, give the child first-aid or CPR when needed, contact the parent, care for the child apart from the other children; until emergency services arrive, if emergency services are needed. At that time the child will be turned over to the emergency services personnel and/or the parent.


Warm Beginnings and More must have your child’s current immunization records on file, unless your child attends a public school which would have those records on file.


Children ages four and older will be screened for possible vision and hearing problems once a year according to state regulations.


Warm Beginnings and More have an emergency evacuation and relocation plan posted in every room. Parents will be notified in the event of any emergency, illness or policy change by telephone, newsletter, or staff member.

Evacuations (off site)

Parents will be contacted immediately through telephone system and email (when possible) when the students must be evacuated off site. All students must be picked up at that location immediately.
Our evacuation site for Warm Beginnings and More:
Primary site; Eaglebrook Apartment Home – 10855 Eagle Dr. Mont Belvieu, Tx 77523

School Lock Down

All doors must be locked and students will not be released until it is determined that it is safe to open the school in the event of a Chemical Release Disaster or any event outside of the school that might place the children at risk. Parents will be notified via email and phone system of any emergency requiring a lockdown.

Emergency Closing or Cancellations

www.cancellations.com will be our #1 source for communicating cancellations or other emergency conditions and early closures so it is imperative that you enroll immediately. You will go to the website and enter the required information for our school. The service is free to parents and will send to 3 email addresses per family. However, if you would like the additional benefit of having the message sent to your phone email or in text format, there is an additional fee of $9.95 per year and this service will be up to each family. It’s certainly a tremendous benefit when you also do not have power to be able to receive the information on your phone.

We will follow the same decisions as Barbers Hill I.S.D. for school closings in the event of extreme conditions such as flooding, icy road conditions, hurricane, etc. All news channels will post the decisions made by BHISD regarding these closures. It is extremely important that all work, home, cell numbers, and email addresses are kept up to date for this purpose so you can also be contacted via www.cancellations.com. We will also use the same service to contact you if we are able to return to school prior to Barbers I.S.D’s return.


Biting is an unfortunate occurrence with young children who just don’t have the language skills to say what they want or don’t want. Many times one child will have a tendency to play too closely (in another child’s space) and that creates an environment for biting if the other child needs more space. Sometimes one child will want a certain toy that the other child has, and they don’t have any verbal skills so they take it resulting in the other child biting to get the toy back.

When a baby or very young toddler or early preschooler bites, we will:
1. Inform both parents.
2. Attend to the child who was bitten with ice and lots of love and attention.
3. Tell the other child, “No bites! Teeth are for smiling or chewing food.”
4. Closely observe the biter to make sure there isn’t a possible sign of ear infection or new teeth coming in that might be causing discomfort.
5. Keep a close eye on the biter to try to prevent a re-occurrence.
6. If biter bites again, place the child in time out or in crib or playpen for a couple of minutes and always repeat above.
7. When a teacher is aware that a child has a tendency to react by biting she will watch that child very closely. If the teacher is alone in a classroom and has to attend to another child, which will take some of her attention away from the child who reacts by biting, she will place the child in a crib or playpen.
8. Staff will do everything possible to prevent biting, but there are times when it is just unavoidable.
9. We will also work with the parents of the child who is biting to make sure the child isn’t sick or isn’t getting enough rest.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding regarding this very challenging occurrence in childcare.